Cytisus Striatus - portuguese broom

Image of Cytisus Striatus - portuguese broom

Portuguese Broom Botanical Art Print

Inspired by the native plants of our home land we created the Serra da Estrela Flora print series.

Every print is made in a vintage old peach paper, printed with high quality archival ink and details are made in gold hot foil.

This selection of plants are very dear to us, because they are plants that we can find daily at our farm where we moved to one year ago, they are also very representative of the biodiversity and native plants of this region.

If you buy the print with the clip glass frame option you'll receive a yellowish cream background passpartout, framed size 30cm x 40cm

measures: A4 ( 21 x 29.7 cm)

In this collection you can also find:

- Arbutus Unedo ( strawberry tree)
- Cytisus Striatus ( portuguese broom)
- Daphne Gnidium (flax-leaved daphne)
- Lavandula Stoechas ( lavender )
- Narcissus Triandrus ( wild narcissus)
- Ruscus Aculeatus ( butcher's broom)