piano chords

Image of piano chords

This is a Large poster with Piano Chords.
chords var: MAJOR. MINOR, 7th, Maj7th, Min7th, AUG and DIM.
C-D-E-F-G-A-B- C#/D♭ - D#/E♭ - F#/G♭ - G#/A♭ - A#/B♭

Printed on canvas supported with decorating wooden slats, this poster will be a great piece for music lovers and musicians will give you a beautiful vintage look on your wall.

✄ Printed in 330gsm cotton canvas;
✄ Measures ≈ 31.5" x 22" ≈ (80cm x 54cm) ;
✄ Fixed with silver pins;
✄ Printed with high quality ink, UV protection.
✄ Aged texture effect on canvas (smooth stains and yellowish look) ;


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